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I am available for commissions!

This is how it works. You write me at describing in details what you'd like to receive. I mostly draw about fantasy and mythological subjects, but I can easily deal with portraits, sci-fi, cyber-punk, realistic or comic-like landscapes, surreal and other different kinds of environments. If the subject you want is not listed here, just drop me a line and we can discuss it. Of course, take a look at my gallery, as I wouldn't be able to make something that is too different from my style. As about the mediums, I can deal with digital coloring, digital painting, watercolors, ink, colored pencils or simple pencil shaded artwork.

After I finish working with the sketch, I will send you a digital, low-resolution copy of the sketch and I will be available to modify it no more than 2 times. If you are not satisfied with the third sketch I will feel free to decline your request. If you are satisfied with the sketch, I will start working on the coloring or inking. When you accept the sketch you can send me the payment. I will not send the original finished drawing, nor show any high resolution, watermark free image to you untill the payment is received and verified. Before the payment arrives, I will show you a low resolution and watermarked file of the completed commission only. I accept payment via Paypal, moneyorder or cash.

Prices for colored pieces:
- single character/no background: 10€ / 12$
- each additional character/animals: 10€ / 12$
- simple background: 5€ / 6$
- detailed background: 10€ / 12$
- shipping costs: 2,50€ in Europe / 6$ worldwide

Prices for simple pencil or inked drawings are exactly the half of those mentioned above. I work on A4 (21x29,7cm / 8x11 inches) or A5 (10,5x21 cm / 4x8 inches) sizes only.

What you get:
- the original drawing/painting, or a high quality print on glossy paper, if the piece is digitally colored
- 1 CD with the high resolution TIFF file, if the piece is digitally colored

I retain the copyrights of the images: this means that I'm allowed to use commissions in any competitions, future publications, marketing materials, portfolio, reproduction, etc. I will not sell prints of your commissioned piece only if you clearly write to me that you wouldn't like it.
You are allowed to make copies of your commissioned piece for your personal use only. You are not allowed to sell, give away and spread around prints of it or the high resolution file to third persons.

Please, take note that some commissions may take me a little while. I am very busy, but I try to fulfill your requests as soon as I can and I work at my best on them. It may take me a few days or a few weeks, depending on how busy I am and on how complex is your request, but I will do my best not to let you wait so much. It may also be possible that I might refuse some requests if I have too many. Please, understand that this is the only way I can work on commissions without making people wait for ages. These are the general rules, but I'm open to discuss any special request you might have!

All images, graphics, and content on these pages are ©Eleonora Forlani, 2005.
All rights reserved.